Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order:
Varies depending on country of origin. Most countries require a minimum order of $3,000-$5,000 USD to qualify for FOB direct pricing. See FAQ for more details.

Our Guarantee:
We guarantee healthy animals in outwardly good condition; all claims must be made within 24 hours of receiving the shipment and backed up by a clear color photograph. We cannot be responsible for faults or mistakes made by the international airline carriers, IE over heating or freezing. In these circumstances all claims must be made directly to the carrier. We can not be held responsible for shipments to destinations that are below 35
degrees, or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, although we are well trained in shipping to these climates (heat packs, cold packs), and rarely have problems arise, there is no way to truly control the temperatures inside the crates in extreme weather. See FAQ for more details.

Document charges:
Varies with each country of origin. Seldom will document charges be greater than $100 per shipment. See FAQ for more details.

Packing charges:
Packing charges vary with each country of origin depending on the costs of goods for shipping materials in each country. Some countries prices include all packing materials, but on average you can expect $40-100 in packing fees on each order. See FAQ for more details.

Pacing Orders:
Confirmation of all orders is accepted upon receipt of a 50% advance deposit, once we have sent you a Pro Forma Invoice. No applications for paperwork and no collection of animals will begin until this deposit has been paid and confirmed

All deposits are considered irrevocable and are considered contract for the full purchase price of the order.

Each country works differently, but on average It normally takes approximately 21 days to process export documents, for both CITES & NON CITES animals. Once we receive the papers we will immediately fax/e-mail them to you.

After the permits are in place, the complete payment balance must be made before shipment. For those importers whose local governments require import permits on shipments, we require you to process your permits as fast as possible to be fair to our exporters holding your stock. Should we find that you are intentionally stalling on providing us a copy of your import permit to delay the arrival of your shipment, this can cause the immediate suspension of your account, and seizure of all deposits. Willing holding your approved import permits in this fashion does nothing but increase product costs to everyone involved, and is considered dishonest. You the importer will be charged these fees to reinstate your account should your account be suspended for this dishonest type of activity. We have been sending shipments to every market in the world for years now, and are well aware of the time required to obtain import permits, and request your utmost honesty in this matter.

We accept Bank Wire Transfers and Western Union payments for our services.




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